Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Triad Media joins LinkTrust mega-booth at ASE10

Triad Media is no stranger to the affiliate marketing business or Affiliate Summit East. This year they’re exhibiting for the first time in the LinkTrust mega-booth.

We asked Ryan Friesner from Triad Media a few questions about the upcoming show. Here’s what he had to say:

LinkTrust: What do you like the best about attending Affiliate Summit?
Ryan: A free trip to NYC right?  We like ASE because it is the one show that hits our core business, affiliate marketing.  We get to meet in person the people we work with all year and make new industry connections.  It’s also a great team building exercise for our crew.

LinkTrust: Why did you decide to exhibit with LinkTrust?
Ryan: This is our first booth so it was a great way to test the waters. LT helped us a ton and it costs less.  Also, we are “powered by LinkTrust” and proud to be associated with the company – it is a big part of our day-to-day business. 

LinkTrust: What do you look forward to about the show in August?
Ryan: We look forward to our first booth, getting to know the LT team better and meeting new business colleagues.  A couple parties here and there never hurt anyone either.

LinkTrust: What tips do you have for people looking to do business with Triad Media?
Ryan: None! That’s why you should work with us, you don’t need any tips!  Whether you are new to the online space or a seasoned affiliate marketer, we are easy to work with, honest, available pretty much 24/7 and have deep industry experience we are happy to share with our clients and affiliates.

We’re excited to have Triad Media join us in the mega-booth. Be sure to stop by #2100 to say hello!

Find NutraProfit in LinkTrust mega-booth at ASE10

We caught up with Chris Gafoor of NutraProfit to find out what he was looking forward to about Affiliate Summit. Here’s what he had to say:

What does NutraProfit offer at Affiliate Summit?

We are launching our “Turnkey Health & Beauty Campaigns” this coming September, and chose to give publishers, merchants and networks alike, a sneak- peek at our premium quality, private-label health and beauty product lines.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketers are racing online, as more and more consumers are going online to find, research, and buy CPG products. As per a recent eMarketer survey, approximately 51% of all Internet users in the US are women (five million more than men); with “Skin Care” items firmly affixed as the #1 Consumer Packaged Good they purchase.  As such, we offer publishers, merchants and networks with a large selection of premium quality, private-label health and beauty product lines, while providing a ‘turnkey’, integrated approach in 3 simple steps.

By partnering with NutraProfit for your nutraceutical and cosmeceutical needs, you receive the expertise and direction of traditional and online marketing professionals with a wealth of experience to guide you through concept creation, design, development, and distribution of your finished product.

Why did you decide to exhibit with LinkTrust?

Our decision to exhibit alongside LinkTrust was made on the basis of building long-term partnerships with other networks sharing the same tracking and reporting technology.  As a LinkTrust partner, we all typically share the same challenges, and 2010 has continued the trend as we all experienced an onslaught of merchant processing issues earlier in the year and affiliate fraud continues to be a major concern for both merchants and networks alike.  By fostering better relationships with our network partners, we hope to fill the gap by building high-converting, sustainable offers that deliver quality leads and customers for our valued advertisers.

What do you look forward to about the show in August?

We are looking forward to meeting with other networks, particularly on the LinkTrust platform, as many of them have already taken their first steps in launching their own ‘in-house’ health and beauty campaigns.  Overall sales in the health and beauty category are expected to surpass $17 billion in 2010, with more than $2 billion being spent by CPG advertisers in 2011.  As health and beauty offers continue to lead most verticals, in terms of EPC, many networks are looking for a “turnkey” integrated solution and we’ve designed our business around that very same concept.

What do you like the best about attending Affiliate Summit?

For us, Affiliate Summit is a premier networking event, to finally put a face to a name.  Nonetheless, we are also looking forward to fostering new relationships with other software vendors, merchants, and of course, publishers.  Personally speaking, I’m looking forward to attending some of the networking events, in the evenings, many of them being held at some of New York’s hottest and hippest nightclubs in and around the city.  If the traffic on the tradeshow floor is light during the mornings, as they usually are during the ‘hangover’ period, I may even steal a few hours to check out our competitors and check-in to a few valuable workshops.

What tips do you have for people looking to do business with NutraProfit?

If you’re looking to private-label a health and beauty product line, I would recommend spending a fair amount of time getting to know your target market and demographic group.  We offer our clients a large selection of pre-formulated product lines, comprised of natural, scientifically-proven actives and ingredients in their purest, most concentrated forms.  Consequently, we are by no means the lowest-cost supplier simply because we offer a premium, high quality product line, balanced with a high degree of service and back-end support that is required to build long-term sustainable income for our clients.

Simply Ink exhibits in LinkTrust ASE10 mega-booth

Joining us again for Affiliate Summit East, the Simply Ink team is excited to say hello to all of the people who stop by their spot in the LinkTrust mega-booth.

"I really enjoy quality face-to-face time with my clients/vendors and getting to know them on a personal level," said Poolak Forutanpour of Simply Ink. "It's always good to be able to identify a person's name to the actual person after doing business with them for so long."

This is the second time that Simply Ink will be in the LinkTrust mega-booth.

"LinkTrust offers an affordable and effortless alternative to exhibiting at Affiliate Summit," said Forutanpour. "They make it so easy that the question they leave you with is, 'Why not?"

The Simply Ink team said that they believe that Affiliate Summit East is a more mellow and intimate show than Affiliate Summit West. This low-key environment gives more opportunity to meet and form meaningful relationships with new and existing clients and publishers.

"In addition, since New York is a big hub, there is a higher chance that you will get to meet and work with vendors who accept international traffic," explained Forutanpour.

For those looking to work with Simply Ink, they are looking for quality publishers to drive traffice to their offers via e-mail, search, banner, display, contextual, blogs, newsletters and exit traffic.

Contact Poolak Forutanpour with any questions at 310-734-2623, poolak@ldproducts.com or on AIM and Skype at poolaki.

Monday, August 9, 2010

iLead Interactive in the LinkTrust mega-booth at ASE10

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s our job!”

That’s the slogan for iLead Interactive and they take it to heart. That’s why they are coming to you at Affiliate Summit East. Exhibiting in the LinkTrust mega-booth this year, they will be easy to find among all the chaos on the tradeshow floor.

“I like networking and making new business contacts at Affiliate Summit East,” said Landon Taylor of iLead Interactive. “We are exhibiting with LinkTrust because it is great exposure and the best of the best use LinkTrust.”

This year the iLead Interactive team is looking forward to reconnecting with key partners and good friends in the industry. You can find the team at their home base in the LinkTrust mega-booth, #2100.

GetAds exhibiting in LinkTrust ASE10 mega-booth

When you’re wandering around the exhibit hall in the Hilton next week, you’ll be sure to notice GetAds in booth #2100.

They are exhibiting in the LinkTrust mega-booth again and looking forward to the start of the show.

“We like Affiliate Summit, probably, for many of the same reasons all the companies go to Summit,” said Laura Cruz of GetAds. “It’s a great show, with many opportunities to strengthen our current contacts as well as meet others. We are pretty social.”

Along with finding the green grass in the LinkTrust booth comfortable, GetAds is looking forward to doing business in the Big Apple.

“There seem to be more private and niche get-togethers at Affiliate Summit,” said Cruz. “This enables us to really talk to other people about specific marketing techniques.

Always on the cutting edge of the affiliate marketing industry, GetAds is ready to help you find success.

“We invite you to get to know us through our blog and facebook page,” said Cruz. “Many companies claim what sets them apart, but when it comes down to it, it’s the people at the company. We want you to know us and to want to work with us.”

Here at LinkTrust we love everyone at GetAds and know that you will too! Find their blog here and you’ll like their facebook page too.

Digital Target Marketing in LinkTrust ASE10 booth

After a successful show in Las Vegas, exhibiting in the LinkTrust mega-booth, DTM partners jumped at the chance to repeat their experience in New York at Affiliate Summit east.

“LinkTrust has a great reputation and they are a very valuable part of our business,” said Katie Pala. “Their entire team is easy to work with and always available to help with any request. We’ve been working with them for over a year now and foresee us being partners for many years to come.”

Exhibiting in the LinkTrust mega-booth, the DTM Partners team is excited for Affiliate Summit East next week.

“We are looking forward to the hundreds of quality exhibitors and educational sessions,” said Pala. “We are also looking forward to having our drawing for a chance to win an “As Seen on TV” product. Please make sure you stop by our booth and drop off your business card for your chance to win.”

Great prizes at the DTM booth aren’t the only winning combination to look forward to in New York.

“The best thing about Affiliate Summit is the opportunity to network with new businesses and meet current partners and clients face-to-face,” said Pala. “So many great ideas come from our individual and group meetings.”

Before you stop by booth #2100 to say hello, get some background on DTM Partners. They specialize in Direct Response Marketing. Since 2008, they have worked directly with clients to produce the highest converting campaigns to provide affiliates with maximum payouts and commission’s month after month. DTM Partners currently has more than 100 exclusive offers in multiple verticals and adds many new offers each month.

You may have heard of some of their well-known campaigns including magicJack, iRenew, Ab Circle, Space Bag and Bare Lifts.

“We are sending a great group people to Affiliate Summit and would like to meet with you and talk about how we can do business together,” said Pala. “See you in New York!”

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LinkTrust integrates with Payoneer, PayQuicker and EntroPay

LinkTrust Streamlines Affiliate Payout Process and Integrates with Payoneer, PayQuicker and EntroPay

Salt Lake City, Utah (July 26, 2010)— Making the affiliate payment process even easier for networks and affiliates, LinkTrust released integrations with Payoneer, PayQuicker and EntroPay Monday morning.

“Working with these three quality companies makes it possible for us to save LinkTrust partners time and money,” said Bret Grow, LinkTrust president. “Now LinkTrust partners can make affiliates happy using the expedited payment process directly from LinkTrust.”

All three companies work to make the mass payments process as simple as possible, while still maintaining a unique market offering.

Payoneer develops, manages and markets co-branded prepaid MasterCard® cards as a payment solution for affiliates receiving payments from their networks. As an MSP with MasterCard, Payoneer's core product allows organizations to pay large numbers of people around the world, efficiently and securely, directly to their prepaid MasterCard cards, avoiding the delays and heavy surcharges of more traditional methods, such as bank transfers and international checks.

PayQuicker is the premier web-based global Internet payment processing platform offering a full array of traditional payment methods as well as a free Member-to-Member payment option; pay domestically or internationally to other Members, free of fees and instantly. Headquartered in Rochester, NY, the PayQuicker leadership team represents more than 50 years of banking, payment processing, technology and legal experience.

EntroPay makes affiliate payouts instant and hassle-free. Issued in real time under the trusted Visa brand, EntroPay cards give affiliates immediate access to their cash. No more waiting on checks, wire transfers, physical cards or ACH verification. Use EntroPay to send payouts in any amount, anywhere in the world for one low fee.

“LinkTrust partners should check out all three options. More and more affiliates want to automate their payments with services like these,” said Grow. “We have full confidence in each of these companies and their ability to provide the services that our partners need in a mass payment option.”

Tip of the week: Add HTML creatives into LinkTrust

Go step by step with our newest training video and learn how to get your HTML creatives ready to give to your affiliates.

It's about four minutes of clear instruction, if you just want the basic overview skip to 3:40 and get the entire process explained in 30 seconds.

Friday, July 23, 2010

EntroPay now integrated with LinkTrust!

Five Ways EntroPay Makes Paying Affiliates Easier

Most U.S. affiliate marketers are primed to do business globally; however, many are unprepared to manage the costs and complexities associated with issuing checks and bank transfers to cross-border destinations. Domestic payments can be just as challenging, particularly for smaller amounts.

EntroPay is an innovative payment service that makes sending money hassle-free. Funds are loaded onto Virtual Visa cards that are issued in real-time, giving your affiliates immediate access to their cash. No more waiting on checks, wire transfers, physical cards or ACH verifications!

EntroPay Virtual Visa cards are a convenient way to send and receive payouts. Once a payment is claimed, affiliates can use their Virtual cards anywhere Visa is accepted online or by telephone. Affiliates can also transfer funds to their bank accounts or upgrade to an EntroPay Plastic MasterCard that allows them to make on-site purchases and ATM withdrawals.

As a web-based solution, EntroPay allows businesses to send frequent payments – of any size - anywhere in the world with no currency conversion issues. Its global payment capabilities can strengthen the relationship between affiliates and merchants who need both technologies and payment services that transcend regional borders and can adapt to rapid change.

Are your current methods making affiliate payouts slow, cumbersome or expensive? Here are five ways EntroPay can make the process easier for your business:

1. Avoid High Fees. With EntroPay, only one low, flat rate is assessed for payments, regardless of an affiliate’s currency, form of collection or country of residence. This allows businesses to send payouts without incurring the high administrative costs associated with checks and wire transfers, which can be as high as $40 per transaction.

2. Use Real-Time Payment Methods. No doubt, speed is a major concern for affiliates. A recent survey found that 62% percent prefer to be compensated through direct deposits and bank transfers; however, checks and wire transfers are still predominantly used for payment. Payouts made through EntroPay are instantly sent and immediately available to spend.

3. Access Trusted Global Financial Networks. EntroPay’s association with major financial networks such as Visa and MasterCard not only gives affiliates easy access to their funds, but also offers them global reach and greater purchasing power at millions of retail locations and ATMs worldwide.

4. Improve Payment Processing. EntroPay helps businesses overcome the inefficiencies traditionally associated with payment processing, reconciliation and tracking by allowing payments to be processed instantly via an email address. No need for bank details, mailing addresses or currency information. Just specify whom to pay and the amount, and leave the rest to EntroPay.

5. Strengthen Security. There are a myriad of threats in the online world, with fraud often at the top of the list. When initiating transactions online, both businesses and affiliates must operate in a secure environment, particularly when payments are made across borders. EntroPay’s robust fraud monitoring systems brings unparalleled security to payment processing through state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 support.

Take the hassle out of sending money to your affiliates. Use EntroPay for your next payout.

PayQuicker and LinkTrust complete integration!

PayQuicker LLC is a unique Internet based global payment gateway. Their exclusive flagship service is an instant, free way to send or receive global payments. PayQuicker’s revolutionary Internet-based global payment gateway bridges the gap that existed in the payment industry by offering a unique “single source, any method, low or no fee“ approach. Pay anyone, anywhere, instantly, for free!

PayQuicker Members have access to a Debit Card, conveniently linked to their account, for purchases or withdrawals at thousands of ATM’s!

Using PayQuicker’s web-based interface, businesses and individuals can now process free Member-to-Member payments as well as low-cost traditional payment methods including paper checks, ACH (Direct Deposit) and electronic fund transfer from one platform. PayQuicker provides free accounts and portal access for Members and greatly reduces the time and fees associated with current payment methods. “We’re very excited about providing the smarter way to pay and enable our Members to make or receive any type of payment to anyone, anywhere, at low or no cost”, states Paul Beldham, CEO, of PayQuicker, LLC.

PayQuicker’s exclusive online portal solution simplifies and streamlines the payment process, while significantly reducing transaction costs and assuring quicker payments.

“That’s exactly what businesses told us they needed, and it’s what early adopters of the PayQuicker service are telling us they love about it,” Beldham said.

Greg Shepard is CEO of Affiliate Traction, a worldwide leader in affiliate marketing. “We find PayQuicker to be the least costly, simplest and most convenient option for affiliate payments--bar none,” Shepard said.

Global Mountain is a fast growing online marketplace benefiting from the PayQuicker Platform. “PayQuicker takes care of all our payment needs while reducing cost and saving us a tremendous amount of time. Instant global payments capability is a huge competitive advantage for us,” said Mark Cook, CEO of Global Mountain.

PayQuicker offers a simple, unique batch payment system whereby all payment types including their exclusive free, global Member-to-Member payments, ACH (Domestic Direct Deposit), EFT/Wire (International Direct Deposit) and global paper checks are processed in one uploaded batch file.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Payoneer and LinkTrust integration is complete!

LinkTrust has fully completed our integration with Payoneer, a payment processing company specializing in global payouts using prepaid cards.

In just two short weeks, Payoneer has helped LinkTrust partners by adding a mass payout option to support affiliate payments for several LinkTrust partners including BlinkAds and OfferMobi.

Networks can feel comfortable using Payoneer because along with their years of experience in the marketplace, they have worked directly with banks and MasterCard to get their products in line with what networks and affiliates want in a mass payment option.

Payoneer is already serving more than 24 affiliate networks. With the LinkTrust integration now completed, it is easier than ever to get a LinkTrust partner launched in Payoneer.

A Payoneer prepaid debit card offers affiliates and networks:

-Immediate payment: receive payments in minutes anywhere in the world.

-Cost-effective: each payment is a fraction of the cost of checks or wires.

-Convenience: No bank account required, no heavy bank fees or hassles.

-Multiple payout options: ACH, Virtual Card and Card-to-Card transfers.

-Card to Bank Transfers (only available in the USA)

-Flexibility: shop anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

-Withdraw cash in local currency at ATMs around the world.

-Ease: Ordering, managing and accessing your account is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

-Security: If your card is lost or stolen, your funds are secure and we’ll send replacement card.

-Constant Support: Customer support by online chat, email or phone available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Payoneer is eager to share their knowledge and feedback with LinkTrust partners. Contact Gil Abir, VP of Corporate Partnerships at (212)-600-9282 or gil@payoneer.com with questions or to schedule a demo.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tip of the week: Mass actions

If you're tired of updating the campaigns assigned to each individual affiliate in a certain group then watch our training video. You'll learn what mass actions you can do in fewer clicks and how to do it. All in less than 2 minutes!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July Wire is in your inbox!

Attention newsletter subscribers!

Your July issue of the Wire is in your inbox. If you didn't get it, check your junk mail. You don't want to miss this issue.

You can find out all about how to "Go Platinum with LinkTrust", how to get in to exhibit with LinkTrust at Affiliate Summit East 2010, and check out the promotional pricing for LinkTrust customers with Payoneer.

In the Ticker you'll find the details about our latest feature release. We've also got some great integrations coming out soon!
We are happy to spotlight a special LinkTrust partner, RTK Media, and give you an opportunity to find out why you should work with them.

The LinkTrust insider this month is Frank Ouimette, a LinkTrust cofounder.

If you haven't signed up to get the newsletter yet, that's okay, just go ahead and sign up now.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting excited for Affiliate Summit

The LinkTrust booth at ASW10 in January.

With a little more than a month until Affiliate Summit East 2010 in New York City we are getting excited to hang out with all the LinkTrust partners in the mega-booth.

Joining us in the Big Apple are:

We have one more space available for a LinkTrust partner! Let Carol-Lyn know if you'd like to exhibit with us this year. Email her today at carol-lyn@linktrust.com.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Separate Unique Clicks

We're excited to let you know LinkTrust 6.5 upgrade is live!

This release was added outside of our normal release schedule to provide a much requested and anticipated feature: The ability to separate and report unique clicks from duplicates.
Now you will have the ability to show affiliates unique clicks instead of total clicks. 

Control of this feature will be set at the campaign level within the filter settings. When enabled, all non-unique clicks will only be counted in the Duplicate Click column in reports. It is important to note, that all new campaigns will default with the new feature enabled, while older campaigns must be manually set.

Our training department created a video to explain the new feature. It will only take a minute to learn how to use it and get it set up the way you want. Watch it today!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Go Platinum with LinkTrust!

We're celebrating Social Media Day today by giving you two ways to win a platinum pass to Affiliate Summit East 2010!

This pass includes breakfast and lunch on Monday and Tuesday; admission to the Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynote, all educational sessions on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday; participation in the Newcomer program; access to all recorded session videos; PowerPoint presentations; and Affiliate Summit Social Network. These passes are going for $1249 from ASE pre-show, and for $1749 onsite!

Three ways to go Platinum at ASE:

1. Refer a friend to LinkTrust in July.

Send an email to your friend and copy
sales@LinkTrust.com introducing us. We'll take it from there. If your friend signs up for ANY LinkTrust license (Merchant or Network) before July 23, 2010, Bingo! We'll keep you in the loop and as soon as your friend becomes a new LinkTrust partner, we'll get your Affiliate Summit Platinum Pass registered.

2. Join our Facebook page.

It's that easy. Go to www.facebook.com/linktrust and like our page. Each week until July 23, we'll randomly draw two Facebook fans to determine the winners for that week. We'll announce the winners on Facebook each week, so check back often!

3. Follow us on Twitter.

We'll take everyone's Twitter handle and enter it into the drawing to win the passes each week. Following us means you'll be entered to win and you'll get all the information about releases and the latest LinkTrust news. Find us on Twitter @LinkTrust!

Platinum Passes are non-transferable (which means if you can't personally attend Affiliate Summit East, please let us know. You can't resell the pass or transfer it to someone else and we want to give the passes to someone who will be able to use it!) Winners will be notified via Facebook or Twitter direct message. All winners will have 24 hours to claim their pass. If the winner doesn't claim his or her pass within those hours, it will be awarded to another contest participant.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tip of the week: Offer Rating System

Save your affiliate managers' time, and make your affiliates happy by using the LinkTrust offer rating system.
Take three minutes to learn how here!

A shared star rating among affiliates allows them to see what other affiliates who have run or are running the offer think about the quality of the offer. The comment box is a good way for your affiliate to let their affiliate manager know specific details about any issues they might be dealing with for one particular offer.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Affiliate Fraud Scoring

Fraud in the affiliate marketing industry is a daily battle for most LinkTrust partners. With each feature we release we are giving you tools to help you win the fight.
This week's tip is all about how to use the affiliate fraud scoring tool in LinkTrust.

Take three minutes, watch the video and save yourself time and money today!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Less than 3 months until ASE10

Affiliate Summit East is going to be here before you know it. Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to exhibit with LinkTrust.
Here are just a few reasons the LinkTrust booth is the place for you at Affiliate Summit East:

1. Your affiliates know exactly where to find you – no one can miss the mega-booth.
2. The abounding opportunities for extended networking with the other 13 LinkTrust partners in the booth.
3. No setup or stressful prep work required!
4. We promote your company before and after the show on our social media pages.
5. Get to know the LinkTrust crew and put faces to the IM screen names.
Check out pictures of the booth in Las Vegas on Facebook for more reasons why you don’t want to miss this opportunity. The last spaces available are going fast!

Email Carol-lyn@linktrust.com for more information today.

To secure your spot in the booth, contact Carol-Lyn Jardine.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Campaign Unique Terms and Conditions

The best way you'll spend a minute and 23 seconds today: learning how to set unique terms and conditions for a campaign. It's a handy trick that Gavin has laid out step-by-step for you here.

Are you enjoying these videos? Wish there was one about a particular feature? Let us know and we'll make it available.

If you missed the past week's tips check these out:
Send creatives easily and quickly.
Customize groups and categories in LinkTrust.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Customized groups and categories

Make LinkTrust work for you by customizing your affiliate groups and your campaign categories.

Take a minute and learn how by watching our Tip of the Week here!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tip of the week: Block Affiliate by SubID

LinkTrust now lets you block traffic based on an individual affiliate SubID.

It's just one of the new features we released last week. In less than one minute you can find out exactly how you can use LinkTrust to combat fraud by watching this tip of the week.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's not too late! ASE10 LinkTrust Booth still has space!

It's official, Affiliate Summit East 2010 has sold out all of their booth spaces.
If you missed out on the chance to secure your own booth space you can still get one of the few remaining spots in the LinkTrust mega-booth... but we're filling up fast too!

Contact Carol-Lyn (carol-lyn@linktrust.com) to find out what we have available before it's too late.

Monday, May 3, 2010

New LinkTrust Features Give More Tools In Fight Against Fraud

Salt Lake City, Utah (May 3, 2010)— The LinkTrust team unveiled more tools for fraud prevention, integrations with Payoneer and OfferVault and other anticipated features Monday.

“This release was driven by feature requests from our partners,” said Bret Grow, president of LinkTrust. “It is clear that fraud is one of the biggest issues in the industry and we are excited to provide even more options for fraud control.”

As networks battle fraud they can now use LinkTrust to restrict conversions to a root domain and limit transactions based on a Proxy IP match. As well as noting where the transactions happen, the network can set a minimum time between click and conversion for the transaction to be approved. If the conversion happens too quickly, the transaction won’t be approved.

To get familiar with the new features available in LinkTrust, watch the training webinar May 4 at 11 a.m. Register for the webinar here.

LinkTrust and Payoneer Inc. teamed up to provide LinkTrust partners with an easy, low-cost and safe way to make commission payments to their affiliates. With Payoneer, networks can use co-branded prepaid MasterCard cards to pay affiliates around the world efficiently and securely. Cardholders receive their funds immediately, avoid steep bank charges and hassles, and can use the card to spend or withdraw money in their local currency anywhere that accepts debit MasterCard.

“The Payoneer integration into LinkTrust was a natural step for us,” said Frank Ouimette, LinkTrust cofounder. “We wanted to offer our partners an easy way to streamline the often hassle-filled process of paying their affiliates. This integration is one of many features we released allowing our partners to set up LinkTrust the way they want it.”

Another step in LinkTrust customization, the OfferVault API makes seeing advertised campaigns easier than ever. OfferVault allows affiliates and networks to quickly find top offers and compare payouts between networks. Using OfferVault gives LinkTrust partners another place for affiliates to find their offers and grow their business. For specific information on how to use the API for creative listings, check out the API documentation page in LinkTrust.

In addition to these integrations, there are several new features available to customize LinkTrust by:
assigning traffic type to campaigns and affiliates
creating custom campaign categories and affiliate groups
creating campaign specific terms and conditions
and capping traffic by affiliate or campaign

For a complete list of the features released this week, visit the LinkTrust support site.

Don’t forget to register for the training webinar, May 4 at 11 a.m. to learn more about these features.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Tip of the week: Send creatives quickly

Do you know how to send creatives to affiliates quickly?
Watch how on our video tip of the week!
Take a minute and a half to learn how to save time with these two different ways to send creatives.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

It's the 40th anniversary of Earth Day today and to celebrate we're hoping you'll go green with us.

LinkTrust green that is.

According to CNN, more than 1 billion people are expected to participate in the many different celebrations around the world.

What are you doing to go green today?

Here are some suggestions:

Carpool to work (or work from home if you can, like me!)
Go digital- use less paper today (go back to the Post-It habit tomorrow.)

Bryan Call, LinkTrust VP of Technology says he celebrates Earth Day all summer, "My wife and I love growing a garden: spinach, zuchinni, tomatoes, beans, squash, peppers are all favorites of ours."

"I think a nice BBQ would be a great way to celebrate," says Gavin Grow, LinkTrust VP of Education.

Whatever you do, whatever your weather today, remember to go LinkTrust green!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Two-ad:tech San Fran

Aren't trade shows great? One of our favorite things about going to the shows is seeing so many LinkTrust partners!Here's Admanage, chillin'... and do I spy an iPad?
The new mobile network, OfferMobi, had a smiles all around.
ModernAd Media was meeting and greeting like crazy.
OfferVault always has a lot happening on the exhibit hall floor.
OfferWeb stayed busy in the Moscone Center North as well.Acxiom found lots of people to work with too.

It's all about relationships in the affiliate marketing industry. That's why we love going to the shows. For all the LinkTrust partners at the show that we didn't get a picture of, don't worry we love you too!

We're collecting pictures from the conference on our Facebook page. If you want to add pictures, feel free!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ad:Tech San Francisco Exhibit Hall Open Today!

Yesterday was full of trips, a trip to the airport, a trip to San Francisco, a trip to Ikea and a trip to the Moscone Center North.

Today, we're all set up in booth #5678... come find us and say hello! @LinkTrustBret, @LinkTrustJeremy, @LinkTrustMindy and @LinkTrustCLJ are ready to answer all your questions about what LinkTrust can do for you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spaces still open for Affiliate Summit East 2010!

Remember this? We filled up the LinkTrust mega-booth for ASW10 pretty quickly... and we're almost full for Affiliate Summit East. There are a few spaces left though, if you want in, let us know!
(Like Bret's cheesy smile? He loves putting up the LinkTrust mega-booth!)

With the first signs of Spring in the air, we're starting all the preparations for our NEXT mega-booth... Affiliate Summit East in New York City, August 15-17, 2010.
All done! See how many partner banners we have set up here?
SimplyInk was in our booth in Vegas and is already committed to the ASE10 booth!
"Going to Affiliate Summit West was a great overall experience. The show really helped benefit us and get us in touch with the right people! The LinkTrust team made our experience even better. Carol-Lyn was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions and went out of her way to help any way she can. Our booth was amazing!"- Poolak Forutanpour, SimplyInk

Without awesome LinkTrust partners, the mega-booth would be pretty bare. That's why we need YOU! If you're interested in exhibiting in New York, email Carol-Lyn Jardine at carol-lyn@linktrust.com and she'll hook you up with the information you need.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Countdown to ad:tech San Francisco!

We're printing, packing and shipping everything for our ad:tech San Francisco booth today!

Look for the LinkTrust green grass again this year!
In exactly one week the masses will converge at the Moscone Center North to see the latest innovations from some of our favorite digital marketers. The LinkTrust crew is excited to see you all there. Be sure to stop by booth #5678 and say hello!

If you want to set up appointments to meet with Bret, Jeremy, Mindy or Carol-Lyn you can find them all on Twitter:
@LinkTrust Bret, @LinkTrust Jeremy, @LinkTrustMindy, and @LinkTrustCLJ

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Wire

The latest issue of the Wire hit your inbox this afternoon filled with information about upcoming feature releases, training webinars and new LinkTrust employees.

Check out our "Just In" section to find out where we'll be in two weeks!

We spotlighted DTM Partners in this issue and are glad to have them as partners. If you'd like to be our featured partner, just email me at kyna@linktrust.com and we'll work it out!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fooled!

The LinkTrust development team stayed late last night hatching a plan to fool the "other half" of the office.

Walking in this morning, you had to play the guessing game if you wanted a piece of chocolate to jump start your day.
Everything on Bret's desk from the water bottle to the phone was covered in aluminum foil. And his wasn't the only one!
Gary's desk: a.ka. Support Central had been hit too!
Gavin's desk was just as shiny...

And we caught Kacie in the act! No, the foil didn't make a ball that big... that's Carol-Lyn's exercise ball all spiffed out for the day.
Happy April Fool's Day! Watch out Dev Team, the day is not over yet! For more pictures, check out our Facebook album.