Monday, May 3, 2010

New LinkTrust Features Give More Tools In Fight Against Fraud

Salt Lake City, Utah (May 3, 2010)— The LinkTrust team unveiled more tools for fraud prevention, integrations with Payoneer and OfferVault and other anticipated features Monday.

“This release was driven by feature requests from our partners,” said Bret Grow, president of LinkTrust. “It is clear that fraud is one of the biggest issues in the industry and we are excited to provide even more options for fraud control.”

As networks battle fraud they can now use LinkTrust to restrict conversions to a root domain and limit transactions based on a Proxy IP match. As well as noting where the transactions happen, the network can set a minimum time between click and conversion for the transaction to be approved. If the conversion happens too quickly, the transaction won’t be approved.

To get familiar with the new features available in LinkTrust, watch the training webinar May 4 at 11 a.m. Register for the webinar here.

LinkTrust and Payoneer Inc. teamed up to provide LinkTrust partners with an easy, low-cost and safe way to make commission payments to their affiliates. With Payoneer, networks can use co-branded prepaid MasterCard cards to pay affiliates around the world efficiently and securely. Cardholders receive their funds immediately, avoid steep bank charges and hassles, and can use the card to spend or withdraw money in their local currency anywhere that accepts debit MasterCard.

“The Payoneer integration into LinkTrust was a natural step for us,” said Frank Ouimette, LinkTrust cofounder. “We wanted to offer our partners an easy way to streamline the often hassle-filled process of paying their affiliates. This integration is one of many features we released allowing our partners to set up LinkTrust the way they want it.”

Another step in LinkTrust customization, the OfferVault API makes seeing advertised campaigns easier than ever. OfferVault allows affiliates and networks to quickly find top offers and compare payouts between networks. Using OfferVault gives LinkTrust partners another place for affiliates to find their offers and grow their business. For specific information on how to use the API for creative listings, check out the API documentation page in LinkTrust.

In addition to these integrations, there are several new features available to customize LinkTrust by:
assigning traffic type to campaigns and affiliates
creating custom campaign categories and affiliate groups
creating campaign specific terms and conditions
and capping traffic by affiliate or campaign

For a complete list of the features released this week, visit the LinkTrust support site.

Don’t forget to register for the training webinar, May 4 at 11 a.m. to learn more about these features.

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