Monday, April 26, 2010

Tip of the week: Send creatives quickly

Do you know how to send creatives to affiliates quickly?
Watch how on our video tip of the week!
Take a minute and a half to learn how to save time with these two different ways to send creatives.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

It's the 40th anniversary of Earth Day today and to celebrate we're hoping you'll go green with us.

LinkTrust green that is.

According to CNN, more than 1 billion people are expected to participate in the many different celebrations around the world.

What are you doing to go green today?

Here are some suggestions:

Carpool to work (or work from home if you can, like me!)
Go digital- use less paper today (go back to the Post-It habit tomorrow.)

Bryan Call, LinkTrust VP of Technology says he celebrates Earth Day all summer, "My wife and I love growing a garden: spinach, zuchinni, tomatoes, beans, squash, peppers are all favorites of ours."

"I think a nice BBQ would be a great way to celebrate," says Gavin Grow, LinkTrust VP of Education.

Whatever you do, whatever your weather today, remember to go LinkTrust green!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day Two-ad:tech San Fran

Aren't trade shows great? One of our favorite things about going to the shows is seeing so many LinkTrust partners!Here's Admanage, chillin'... and do I spy an iPad?
The new mobile network, OfferMobi, had a smiles all around.
ModernAd Media was meeting and greeting like crazy.
OfferVault always has a lot happening on the exhibit hall floor.
OfferWeb stayed busy in the Moscone Center North as well.Acxiom found lots of people to work with too.

It's all about relationships in the affiliate marketing industry. That's why we love going to the shows. For all the LinkTrust partners at the show that we didn't get a picture of, don't worry we love you too!

We're collecting pictures from the conference on our Facebook page. If you want to add pictures, feel free!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ad:Tech San Francisco Exhibit Hall Open Today!

Yesterday was full of trips, a trip to the airport, a trip to San Francisco, a trip to Ikea and a trip to the Moscone Center North.

Today, we're all set up in booth #5678... come find us and say hello! @LinkTrustBret, @LinkTrustJeremy, @LinkTrustMindy and @LinkTrustCLJ are ready to answer all your questions about what LinkTrust can do for you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spaces still open for Affiliate Summit East 2010!

Remember this? We filled up the LinkTrust mega-booth for ASW10 pretty quickly... and we're almost full for Affiliate Summit East. There are a few spaces left though, if you want in, let us know!
(Like Bret's cheesy smile? He loves putting up the LinkTrust mega-booth!)

With the first signs of Spring in the air, we're starting all the preparations for our NEXT mega-booth... Affiliate Summit East in New York City, August 15-17, 2010.
All done! See how many partner banners we have set up here?
SimplyInk was in our booth in Vegas and is already committed to the ASE10 booth!
"Going to Affiliate Summit West was a great overall experience. The show really helped benefit us and get us in touch with the right people! The LinkTrust team made our experience even better. Carol-Lyn was extremely helpful and answered all of our questions and went out of her way to help any way she can. Our booth was amazing!"- Poolak Forutanpour, SimplyInk

Without awesome LinkTrust partners, the mega-booth would be pretty bare. That's why we need YOU! If you're interested in exhibiting in New York, email Carol-Lyn Jardine at and she'll hook you up with the information you need.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Countdown to ad:tech San Francisco!

We're printing, packing and shipping everything for our ad:tech San Francisco booth today!

Look for the LinkTrust green grass again this year!
In exactly one week the masses will converge at the Moscone Center North to see the latest innovations from some of our favorite digital marketers. The LinkTrust crew is excited to see you all there. Be sure to stop by booth #5678 and say hello!

If you want to set up appointments to meet with Bret, Jeremy, Mindy or Carol-Lyn you can find them all on Twitter:
@LinkTrust Bret, @LinkTrust Jeremy, @LinkTrustMindy, and @LinkTrustCLJ

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Wire

The latest issue of the Wire hit your inbox this afternoon filled with information about upcoming feature releases, training webinars and new LinkTrust employees.

Check out our "Just In" section to find out where we'll be in two weeks!

We spotlighted DTM Partners in this issue and are glad to have them as partners. If you'd like to be our featured partner, just email me at and we'll work it out!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fooled!

The LinkTrust development team stayed late last night hatching a plan to fool the "other half" of the office.

Walking in this morning, you had to play the guessing game if you wanted a piece of chocolate to jump start your day.
Everything on Bret's desk from the water bottle to the phone was covered in aluminum foil. And his wasn't the only one!
Gary's desk: a.ka. Support Central had been hit too!
Gavin's desk was just as shiny...

And we caught Kacie in the act! No, the foil didn't make a ball that big... that's Carol-Lyn's exercise ball all spiffed out for the day.
Happy April Fool's Day! Watch out Dev Team, the day is not over yet! For more pictures, check out our Facebook album.