Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

It's the 40th anniversary of Earth Day today and to celebrate we're hoping you'll go green with us.

LinkTrust green that is.

According to CNN, more than 1 billion people are expected to participate in the many different celebrations around the world.

What are you doing to go green today?

Here are some suggestions:

Carpool to work (or work from home if you can, like me!)
Go digital- use less paper today (go back to the Post-It habit tomorrow.)

Bryan Call, LinkTrust VP of Technology says he celebrates Earth Day all summer, "My wife and I love growing a garden: spinach, zuchinni, tomatoes, beans, squash, peppers are all favorites of ours."

"I think a nice BBQ would be a great way to celebrate," says Gavin Grow, LinkTrust VP of Education.

Whatever you do, whatever your weather today, remember to go LinkTrust green!

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