Friday, January 29, 2010

XY7- Affiliate Summit West 2010

A slew of pictures rounds out the blog posts about our partners in the LinkTrust mega-booth at Affiliate Summit West 2010.

XY7 split their time between our booth and their party upstairs in the suites at the Rio.

Find out more about XY7 here!

Simply Ink- Affiliate Summit West 2010

Another partner who joined us in the LinkTrust mega-booth, SimplyInk, had fun meeting new people and expanding their affiliate program. Since the show, they told us they've gotten many more affiliate applications!
Want to find out more about SimplyInk? Check out their web site!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

RevStars Media- Affiliate Summit West 2010

Another premium LinkTrust partner to exhibit in the mega-booth at Affiliate Summit West 2010 was RevStars Media.
They gave away this radio controlled airplane!

We featured RevStars in our newsletter and you can find out more about them here.

Restoration Media- Affiliate Summit West 2010

Looking for emailers and more, Restoration Media joined us in the LinkTrust mega-booth at Affiliate Summit West 2010.
An example of smart swag: hand sanitizer!

Find out more about Restoration Media today.

RateSpecial- Affiliate Summit West 2010

RateSpecial showed everyone at the show what their boutique network has to offer.
Find out more about what they can offer to you here.

OfferWeb- Affiliate Summit West 2010

Promoting their offers and getting some face time with their publishers, advertisers and partners, OfferWeb stayed busy at Affiliate Summit West.
Find out more about OfferWeb here.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OfferAlliance- Affiliate Summit West 2010

Joining the LinkTrust mega-booth at Affiliate Summit West 2010, OfferAlliance used the booth to create new relationships with the attendees of the conference.Find out more about OfferAlliance on their site.

National Web Leads- Affiliate Summit West 2010

It was great to have National Web Leads in the LinkTrust mega-booth at Affiliate Summit West 2010. Their booth was so busy it was hard to get a good picture of the National Web Leads crew!
Want to work with them? Check out their site here!

January LinkTrust Feature Release

Today’s release of more than 56 new LinkTrust 6 features, upgrades and enhancements makes it possible for LinkTrust partners and their affiliates to be more productive. Now LinkTrust partners can utilize affiliate fraud scoring; display affiliate reports in dynamic graphs; mass import simple banner creatives and more.

To help each LinkTrust partner make the most of these new features, the support team at LinkTrust is hosting a training webinar on Feb. 3 at 11 a.m. Register here today.

Updates to the Partner Center:

As the affiliate marketing industry continues to grow, the potential for fraudulent activity grows along with it. With the new affiliate fraud scoring system from LinkTrust, networks and advertisers can gain insight on potentially fraudulent affiliates. Each time a new affiliate signup is entered into the system, three separate numbers will be provided for the affiliate based on the following criteria:

Duplicates—LinkTrust will check submitted data against all existing affiliates in your account and give you the number of matches found.

Suspended—LinkTrust will check against all suspended affiliates across the entire LinkTrust platform of over 150 Networks and provide the number of matches found.

Denied—LinkTrust will check against all denied affiliates across the LinkTrust platform and provide a number of the matches found.

Working in tandem with the affiliate fraud scoring system, the affiliate fraud signup filter will help partners define a blacklist of unacceptable affiliate signup field values. Each time a potential affiliate submits an application, LinkTrust will check against the blacklist defined by the partner. The filter will then automatically deny any new affiliate signups that match the predefined criteria.

A new page has been added that allows recovery of previously declined affiliate applications.

Another great addition to the feature suite is the mass simple banner import. Put together a single basic tab-delimited file for a single or multiple campaigns, upload it to the system and your creatives are available instantly to affiliates.

Updates to the Affiliate Center:

Graphing capabilities have been added so each affiliate can see their commissions per day, follow the multi-line graph of transactional volume at a glance, or easily recognize their top performing campaigns.

LinkTrust partners can now record and store payments made to affiliates. Payment records can be manually entered or imported via file using the payment import feature. Affiliates will always be up-to-date on what payments have been sent because they can see all their payments, details and notes from within the Affiliate Center.

The new link generator tool allows LinkTrust partners and their affiliates to quickly and easily build tracking links and confirmation pixels from any screen. Simply select the campaign and affiliate, add any additional details and it’s done. This tool will be easily accessible from the Support Tools menu, within each campaign’s settings menu and within the Affiliate Center.

Also, affiliates can now create and track up to 10 subids on a single tracking link and provide multiple email addresses within their account to receive a carbon copy of all messages.

For the rest of the features and upgrades released, check out the LinkTrust support site.

Register for the training webinar on Feb. 3 at 11 a.m. here and learn how these features can be applied to your company.

Healthy Payout- Affiliate Summit West 2010

Doing business "like a boss", Healthy Payout closed deals and created relationships from the exhibit hall floor.Get in touch with Healthy Payout here.

6.2 Is In The Wild

I'm pleased to announce LinkTrust 6.2 was released this morning. The release went smoothly. I'm excited about the new functionality being offered by this release.

I blogged about my favorite new features a few weeks ago. Our support site contains a more detailed list.

We'll have more information on the blog coming up soon for those of you who don't have access to our support site.

GetAds- Affiliate Summit West 2010

Anchoring the LinkTrust mega-booth, the GetAds crew kept busy throughout the show.

Find out more about GetAds today!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Elite Profits- Affiliate Summit West 2010

The steady stream of traffic to their space in the LinkTrust mega-booth wasn't anything new for Elite Profits. They work hard to create good relationships with all of their partners.Check out Elite Profits to find out more!

Digital Target Marketing- Affiliate Summit West 2010

Digital Target Marketing brought new products and offers to the LinkTrust mega-booth.

Check out what else they have to offer on their web site.

Monday, January 25, 2010

CPA Flash- Affiliate Summit West 2010

Sharing the LinkTrust mega-booth, CPA Flash used the booth as a place to meet existing clients and share their expertise with those that stopped by their space.

Seek your own opportunity to make money with CPA Flash here.

Converting Offers-- Affiliate Summit West 2010

We were excited to have Converting Offers join us in the mega-booth at Affiliate Summit. They brought lots of energy to the booth and even supplied enough energy drinks for everyone around them!
Find out more about what Converting Offers can do for you on their website.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Affiliate Summit West 2010

We're back from Affiliate Summit West 2010 and already missing all of the great people we met at the show. Each of our partners in the booth had great displays and made the mega-booth the place to be.

The 14 LinkTrust partners that joined us on the grass were: Converting Offers, CPA Flash, Digital Target Marketing, Elite Profits, GetAds, Healthy Payout, OfferAlliance, OfferWeb, RateSpecial, Restoration Media, RevStars Media, Simply Ink and XY7.

With a Hole-in-One earning you an RC car we had publishers, advertisers, affiliates and networks stopping by the LinkTrust booth to take their shot.
As the biggest booth in the exhibit hall, our partners really were the center of the activity.

Relaxing in the booth before the exhibit hall opens on Monday.

At LinkTrust we love the chance to spend time with old friends and meet new people at the shows.

Thanks for a great experience in Las Vegas. We're looking forward to going back in February to LeadsCon.

For more pictures from the show, check out our Facebook photo albums.

Hole-in-One winner

With hundreds of tries and tons of Hole-in-One winners, we were excited to see who would win the big RC car.
Our random number generator chose Patrick Schrodt of CityMax!

Congratulations Patrick!

For more pictures of the Hole-in-One contest and the booth, check out our Facebook albums.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New LinkTrust Webinar Series

Hello blogosphere, I'm Gavin.

With all the exciting features we're releasing this month, I want to make sure that our partners have the know-how to implement them as soon as they're released.

To make you all aware of the capabilities of the new features, we're hosting an hour-long training webinar February 3, 2010 at 11 a.m.

Join us as we look under the hood and give you more tools to grow your business. Some of the features we'll cover in this webinar include:
- Affiliate Fraud Scoring
- Affiliate Fraud Signup Filtering
- Mass Creative Importing
- APIs
- Affiliate Commissions/ Payments
... and more additions to save you time!

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:

Keep the learning ongoing and Click Here for a schedule with dates and topics of future webinars.
See you there!

Monday, January 11, 2010

LinkTrust Checklist for Affiliate Summit West 2010

With less than a week until Affiliate Summit West 2010, I’ve seen lots of checklists about what to expect and what to bring to be prepared for the show.

Some of the most common things I’ve heard are:
-Business cards (everyone debates their merits, but it won’t hurt to have a few.)
-Something to hold business cards in, even if you don’t bring any, you’ll definitely get a few.
-A 30-second description of you and your company.
-Your best golf swing. Okay, not really on everyone’s list… but it should be! Why? Make a hole-in-one and be entered to win some sweet swag (think shiny, new and big) at the LinkTrust mega-booth.

You heard right, stop by the LinkTrust booth and you’re sure to get some goodies, not to mention, the chance to talk to all the LinkTrust folks and 14 of our partners in the mega-booth.

Find LinkTrust and 14 LinkTrust partners in booth#315. Keep practicing that swing and we’ll see you there!

Affiliate Summit West 2010

Salt Lake City (Jan. 4, 2010)—The LinkTrust mega-booth at Affiliate Summit West 2010 will spotlight a few of the premier ad networks and merchants powered by LinkTrust. LinkTrust partners exhibiting at ASW10 get the opportunity to be in the hive of activity in the center of the exhibit hall, booth number 315.

The premier LinkTrust partners in the booth this year are: Converting Offers, CPA Flash, Digital Target Marketing, Elite Profits, GetAds, Healthy Payout, OfferAlliance, OfferWeb, RateSpecial, Restoration Media, RevStars Media, Simply Ink and XY7.

After his experience at Affiliate Summit East in August 2009, Bertrand Seow of RateSpecial is excited to exhibit in Las Vegas.

“Affiliate Summit East was a great opportunity to expand our network and reaffirm our existing relationships,” he said. “I’m excited about the opportunity to extend our brand as an ad agency. Exhibiting at Affiliate Summit West enables us to put a face behind RateSpecial, letting our partners know that we’re not another fly-by-night company.”

Affiliate Summit West 2010 promises to be one of the biggest yet with more attendees and exhibitors registered than previous Affiliate Summits.

“ASE was by far the best Affiliate Summit we've been to; great attendance and as always, great people from the industry to rub shoulders with,” said Landon Taylor of Healthy Payout. “Being in the LinkTrust booth added value to our attendance as we were able to showcase our business and team.”

For attendees and exhibitors at the show, the networking and connection making that go on are essential to business success. Face-to-face interactions in an online industry cement the business partnerships between affiliates, networks and merchants.

“We're looking forward to another successful convention,” Landon said. “We always look forward to catching up in person with our current partners, cracking jokes and laughing together, as we make plans for the future. We also look forward to meeting new partners that we can add to our circle. By exhibiting we hope to provide a safe haven for those that are bombarded by the boring booths.”
LinkTrust is an advanced software platform serving the affiliate industry with pixel tracking, ad network management and lead management. Recognized as an industry leader with outstanding customer support and platform reliability, LinkTrust serves some of the most successful ad networks.

Visit the company web sites for more information:

Converting Offers:
Digital Target Marketing:
Elite Profits:
Healthy Payout:
Restoration Media:
RevStars Media:
Simply Ink:

For Immediate Release
Contact: Carol-Lyn Jardine
Phone: 801-331-6945 x 1106
Cell: 801-358-6807
Fax: 801-880-8884
Additional Contact: Kyna Taylor
Phone: 801-331-6945 x 1118

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SAN project complete!

Bryan asked me to post this for him today. He's in the hospital with his wife and their new baby boy! Congratulations to Bryan and his family!

Welcome to the year 2010. The year had a very exciting start for me. On Dec. 30 we finished migrating the last database to our new SAN. This was the largest and most complex part of the project. Thanks to excellent planning by our database administrator, Lee Crain, the move went smoothly.

The completion of this SAN migration project brings increased reporting and inbound speeds, better redundancy and virtually unlimited expansion capabilities. I am really excited by the results we are seeing. We have observed 72,000 IO requests processed in a single second. Page life expectancy is considered adequate with a value of 300. At one point recently, it was at 300,000 (higher is better). Other performance metrics indicate our servers spend much of their day waiting for more work to do.

There was an issue with our hourly statistics rollups that developed after the migration. We’ve been dealing with an intermittent lock contention issue during the rollups. We hoped the new servers and SAN would improve the situation. Unexpectedly, we found the increased performance caused the system to trip over itself because it was running so fast. The net result was a tortoise and hare problem. Sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

We caught the issue quickly and made the necessary changes to resolve it. By changing how the rollup works, we are taking full advantage of the performance our new systems give us. This process is running 18 times faster than it did previously. We are speedy and steady. Several of our engineers: Kacie, Art, Myong and Lee put in a heroic effort to make these changes happen so quickly.

I’m very excited to start the New Year with the completion of this project.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


LinkTrust had one of our best years in 2009. We had a few specific goals at the beginning of 2009 and it's awesome to look back and see that we reached those goals, along with some other major accomplishments.

Releasing LinkTrust 6 to production was at the top of our list for 2009. Version 6 brought industry-leading features and performance enhancements to the platform. The project represented more than a year of planning, hard work and execution involving everyone at LinkTrust and Burstabit Technologies. As of Dec. 2009, more than 75 percent of LinkTrust partners are fully utilizing version 6!

With the increasing risk of fraud and malicious activities in our industry, improving our DDoS mitigation and response times were a top priority. We completed our integration with Prolexic Technologies in providing full DDoS mitigation services to protect our partners. As we worked with Prolexic this year, we have decreased our response times to DDoS attacks to a fraction of what they were during the first DDoS attacks LinkTrust experienced.

Our final major goal was realized in the last few days of December. Through a three-phase process, we upgraded the LinkTrust network infrastructure to a redundant SAN environment with clustered databases. The SAN project gives LinkTrust the necessary foundation to provide the high caliber of performance needed throughout 2010.

Our efforts to improve LinkTrust in 2009 paid off. The number of LinkTrust partners doubled, and there are more than 150 ad networks and merchants using LinkTrust.

This year we look forward to doubling our clientele again. We know that doing this relies heavily upon the performance of our platform and our customer service.

Our first step in 2010 to show our dedication to high performance and providing our customers with the tools to run successful businesses will be the release of some long-anticipated features including:
-Cross-platform Affiliate Fraud Detection
-Affiliate Fraud Filtering and Scoring
-Affiliate Payment Tracking
-Multiple Sub IDs (up to 10)
-Mass Creative Import
-Account Management for API's
-Unlimited Affiliate Pixels
-Geographic Traffic Reporting
-Rich Flash Graphing

We anticipate this feature list will be released as early as mid-January.

This list of features is just the beginning of the dozens of enhancements planned for LinkTrust 6 in 2010. We will release the most sophisticated lead capture and management features available anywhere, additional graphing throughout the Partner Center, more Ajax in reports and lists, multi-currency support, traffic capping, QuickBooks integration, the ability to set payouts by Sub ID, set bonuses, schedule payout changes, campaign and affiliate management APIs, click analytics, and dedicated servers or virtual farms for high-volume partners.

I'm also excited for the release of the Marketplace where offers can be cross-marketed between all LinkTrust powered networks.

In addition to providing more whistles and bells, features and performance enhancements, we're working closely with other industry leaders in integrating with their services. We recently integrated with RingRevenue's PayPerCall platform and are finalizing integrations with OpenX's Ad Server and Payoneer's prepaid affiliate cards.

We recognize that our success in 2009 is due largely to the loyalty of our partners. We look forward to building on this relationship throughout 2010. Thank you for your support and business!


Bret Grow