Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January LinkTrust Feature Release

Today’s release of more than 56 new LinkTrust 6 features, upgrades and enhancements makes it possible for LinkTrust partners and their affiliates to be more productive. Now LinkTrust partners can utilize affiliate fraud scoring; display affiliate reports in dynamic graphs; mass import simple banner creatives and more.

To help each LinkTrust partner make the most of these new features, the support team at LinkTrust is hosting a training webinar on Feb. 3 at 11 a.m. Register here today.

Updates to the Partner Center:

As the affiliate marketing industry continues to grow, the potential for fraudulent activity grows along with it. With the new affiliate fraud scoring system from LinkTrust, networks and advertisers can gain insight on potentially fraudulent affiliates. Each time a new affiliate signup is entered into the system, three separate numbers will be provided for the affiliate based on the following criteria:

Duplicates—LinkTrust will check submitted data against all existing affiliates in your account and give you the number of matches found.

Suspended—LinkTrust will check against all suspended affiliates across the entire LinkTrust platform of over 150 Networks and provide the number of matches found.

Denied—LinkTrust will check against all denied affiliates across the LinkTrust platform and provide a number of the matches found.

Working in tandem with the affiliate fraud scoring system, the affiliate fraud signup filter will help partners define a blacklist of unacceptable affiliate signup field values. Each time a potential affiliate submits an application, LinkTrust will check against the blacklist defined by the partner. The filter will then automatically deny any new affiliate signups that match the predefined criteria.

A new page has been added that allows recovery of previously declined affiliate applications.

Another great addition to the feature suite is the mass simple banner import. Put together a single basic tab-delimited file for a single or multiple campaigns, upload it to the system and your creatives are available instantly to affiliates.

Updates to the Affiliate Center:

Graphing capabilities have been added so each affiliate can see their commissions per day, follow the multi-line graph of transactional volume at a glance, or easily recognize their top performing campaigns.

LinkTrust partners can now record and store payments made to affiliates. Payment records can be manually entered or imported via file using the payment import feature. Affiliates will always be up-to-date on what payments have been sent because they can see all their payments, details and notes from within the Affiliate Center.

The new link generator tool allows LinkTrust partners and their affiliates to quickly and easily build tracking links and confirmation pixels from any screen. Simply select the campaign and affiliate, add any additional details and it’s done. This tool will be easily accessible from the Support Tools menu, within each campaign’s settings menu and within the Affiliate Center.

Also, affiliates can now create and track up to 10 subids on a single tracking link and provide multiple email addresses within their account to receive a carbon copy of all messages.

For the rest of the features and upgrades released, check out the LinkTrust support site.

Register for the training webinar on Feb. 3 at 11 a.m. here and learn how these features can be applied to your company.

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