Tuesday, January 5, 2010


LinkTrust had one of our best years in 2009. We had a few specific goals at the beginning of 2009 and it's awesome to look back and see that we reached those goals, along with some other major accomplishments.

Releasing LinkTrust 6 to production was at the top of our list for 2009. Version 6 brought industry-leading features and performance enhancements to the platform. The project represented more than a year of planning, hard work and execution involving everyone at LinkTrust and Burstabit Technologies. As of Dec. 2009, more than 75 percent of LinkTrust partners are fully utilizing version 6!

With the increasing risk of fraud and malicious activities in our industry, improving our DDoS mitigation and response times were a top priority. We completed our integration with Prolexic Technologies in providing full DDoS mitigation services to protect our partners. As we worked with Prolexic this year, we have decreased our response times to DDoS attacks to a fraction of what they were during the first DDoS attacks LinkTrust experienced.

Our final major goal was realized in the last few days of December. Through a three-phase process, we upgraded the LinkTrust network infrastructure to a redundant SAN environment with clustered databases. The SAN project gives LinkTrust the necessary foundation to provide the high caliber of performance needed throughout 2010.

Our efforts to improve LinkTrust in 2009 paid off. The number of LinkTrust partners doubled, and there are more than 150 ad networks and merchants using LinkTrust.

This year we look forward to doubling our clientele again. We know that doing this relies heavily upon the performance of our platform and our customer service.

Our first step in 2010 to show our dedication to high performance and providing our customers with the tools to run successful businesses will be the release of some long-anticipated features including:
-Cross-platform Affiliate Fraud Detection
-Affiliate Fraud Filtering and Scoring
-Affiliate Payment Tracking
-Multiple Sub IDs (up to 10)
-Mass Creative Import
-Account Management for API's
-Unlimited Affiliate Pixels
-Geographic Traffic Reporting
-Rich Flash Graphing

We anticipate this feature list will be released as early as mid-January.

This list of features is just the beginning of the dozens of enhancements planned for LinkTrust 6 in 2010. We will release the most sophisticated lead capture and management features available anywhere, additional graphing throughout the Partner Center, more Ajax in reports and lists, multi-currency support, traffic capping, QuickBooks integration, the ability to set payouts by Sub ID, set bonuses, schedule payout changes, campaign and affiliate management APIs, click analytics, and dedicated servers or virtual farms for high-volume partners.

I'm also excited for the release of the Marketplace where offers can be cross-marketed between all LinkTrust powered networks.

In addition to providing more whistles and bells, features and performance enhancements, we're working closely with other industry leaders in integrating with their services. We recently integrated with RingRevenue's PayPerCall platform and are finalizing integrations with OpenX's Ad Server and Payoneer's prepaid affiliate cards.

We recognize that our success in 2009 is due largely to the loyalty of our partners. We look forward to building on this relationship throughout 2010. Thank you for your support and business!


Bret Grow

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