Friday, July 23, 2010

PayQuicker and LinkTrust complete integration!

PayQuicker LLC is a unique Internet based global payment gateway. Their exclusive flagship service is an instant, free way to send or receive global payments. PayQuicker’s revolutionary Internet-based global payment gateway bridges the gap that existed in the payment industry by offering a unique “single source, any method, low or no fee“ approach. Pay anyone, anywhere, instantly, for free!

PayQuicker Members have access to a Debit Card, conveniently linked to their account, for purchases or withdrawals at thousands of ATM’s!

Using PayQuicker’s web-based interface, businesses and individuals can now process free Member-to-Member payments as well as low-cost traditional payment methods including paper checks, ACH (Direct Deposit) and electronic fund transfer from one platform. PayQuicker provides free accounts and portal access for Members and greatly reduces the time and fees associated with current payment methods. “We’re very excited about providing the smarter way to pay and enable our Members to make or receive any type of payment to anyone, anywhere, at low or no cost”, states Paul Beldham, CEO, of PayQuicker, LLC.

PayQuicker’s exclusive online portal solution simplifies and streamlines the payment process, while significantly reducing transaction costs and assuring quicker payments.

“That’s exactly what businesses told us they needed, and it’s what early adopters of the PayQuicker service are telling us they love about it,” Beldham said.

Greg Shepard is CEO of Affiliate Traction, a worldwide leader in affiliate marketing. “We find PayQuicker to be the least costly, simplest and most convenient option for affiliate payments--bar none,” Shepard said.

Global Mountain is a fast growing online marketplace benefiting from the PayQuicker Platform. “PayQuicker takes care of all our payment needs while reducing cost and saving us a tremendous amount of time. Instant global payments capability is a huge competitive advantage for us,” said Mark Cook, CEO of Global Mountain.

PayQuicker offers a simple, unique batch payment system whereby all payment types including their exclusive free, global Member-to-Member payments, ACH (Domestic Direct Deposit), EFT/Wire (International Direct Deposit) and global paper checks are processed in one uploaded batch file.

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