Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Find NutraProfit in LinkTrust mega-booth at ASE10

We caught up with Chris Gafoor of NutraProfit to find out what he was looking forward to about Affiliate Summit. Here’s what he had to say:

What does NutraProfit offer at Affiliate Summit?

We are launching our “Turnkey Health & Beauty Campaigns” this coming September, and chose to give publishers, merchants and networks alike, a sneak- peek at our premium quality, private-label health and beauty product lines.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) marketers are racing online, as more and more consumers are going online to find, research, and buy CPG products. As per a recent eMarketer survey, approximately 51% of all Internet users in the US are women (five million more than men); with “Skin Care” items firmly affixed as the #1 Consumer Packaged Good they purchase.  As such, we offer publishers, merchants and networks with a large selection of premium quality, private-label health and beauty product lines, while providing a ‘turnkey’, integrated approach in 3 simple steps.

By partnering with NutraProfit for your nutraceutical and cosmeceutical needs, you receive the expertise and direction of traditional and online marketing professionals with a wealth of experience to guide you through concept creation, design, development, and distribution of your finished product.

Why did you decide to exhibit with LinkTrust?

Our decision to exhibit alongside LinkTrust was made on the basis of building long-term partnerships with other networks sharing the same tracking and reporting technology.  As a LinkTrust partner, we all typically share the same challenges, and 2010 has continued the trend as we all experienced an onslaught of merchant processing issues earlier in the year and affiliate fraud continues to be a major concern for both merchants and networks alike.  By fostering better relationships with our network partners, we hope to fill the gap by building high-converting, sustainable offers that deliver quality leads and customers for our valued advertisers.

What do you look forward to about the show in August?

We are looking forward to meeting with other networks, particularly on the LinkTrust platform, as many of them have already taken their first steps in launching their own ‘in-house’ health and beauty campaigns.  Overall sales in the health and beauty category are expected to surpass $17 billion in 2010, with more than $2 billion being spent by CPG advertisers in 2011.  As health and beauty offers continue to lead most verticals, in terms of EPC, many networks are looking for a “turnkey” integrated solution and we’ve designed our business around that very same concept.

What do you like the best about attending Affiliate Summit?

For us, Affiliate Summit is a premier networking event, to finally put a face to a name.  Nonetheless, we are also looking forward to fostering new relationships with other software vendors, merchants, and of course, publishers.  Personally speaking, I’m looking forward to attending some of the networking events, in the evenings, many of them being held at some of New York’s hottest and hippest nightclubs in and around the city.  If the traffic on the tradeshow floor is light during the mornings, as they usually are during the ‘hangover’ period, I may even steal a few hours to check out our competitors and check-in to a few valuable workshops.

What tips do you have for people looking to do business with NutraProfit?

If you’re looking to private-label a health and beauty product line, I would recommend spending a fair amount of time getting to know your target market and demographic group.  We offer our clients a large selection of pre-formulated product lines, comprised of natural, scientifically-proven actives and ingredients in their purest, most concentrated forms.  Consequently, we are by no means the lowest-cost supplier simply because we offer a premium, high quality product line, balanced with a high degree of service and back-end support that is required to build long-term sustainable income for our clients.

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