Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In keeping with the timeless American tradition, LinkTrust employees tell us what they're thankful for this year.

Bret: "I am thankful for my wife and children; a great place to work with friends; driving in snow and blizzards and Christmas lights!"

Gavin: "I am thankful we have such a great LinkTrust team to work with!"

Nate: "I am thankful for my freedom and those who provide it for me, grateful to live in this country and for my health and to have great family and friends, and a job I love."

Jeremy:"I'm thankful for APIs, banana cream pie and four-stroke motors."

Carol-Lyn: "I'm thankful for skiing so I don't completely hate the snow." :)

Gary Gray: "I'm thankful for help at work and four days off to spend time riding four-wheelers with my family."

Nathan: "I'm thankful for my beautiful wife and two cute kids, an awesome job with incredible co-workers, my health, and for the freedoms that we enjoy."

Kacie: "I am thankful for football, turkey and my family."

Myong: "I'm grateful for Windows 7."

Art: "I'm thankful for getting to work in such a dynamic, fun company."

Christina: "I'm thankful for having a loving boyfriend, some really awesome friends, and a great job."

Sarah: "I'm thankful for those moments in developing when the code just works. And Cookie Dough- Fudge Ice cream."

Lee: "I am genuinely thankful to have the job I do and to work at Burstabit"(the parent company of LinkTrust.)

Mindy: "I am thankful to get paid to meet and talk to people from all parts of the world every day. Especially the ones that are sitting on the beach while we are in the middle of winter here in Utah!"

Kyna: "Thank goodness for clean water, fresh vegetables, late winters and trips to warmer climates. And of course, my family and friends."

Jody: "I'm thankful to work with a company that I love...with people I love! If you have to spend the majority of your life away from those you would most want to be with-- it's amazing to spend that time in a place you love to be!! Thanks LinkTrust 'family'!"

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