Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Nothing tells you about the creativity of the people you work with like a Halloween costume/pumpkin carving/potluck bringing party. The day started with the fire alarm chasing us all out of our offices-- apparently construction dust and smoke look the same to an alarm. While the lights flashed and alarms sounded we made a visit to the local McDonald's (even the kids gave us funny looks in our costumes).

At the office we had Star Trek captains (plural), witches, batman, some guy in lederhosen, and a vampire. The food was delectable: butternut squash soup, Korean barbecue and even Klingon Bloodwine from Bryan.
At noon it was time for pumpkin carving. Some of us took the easy way out and used the patterns included in the carving kits. Everybody else let their creativity run wild and used the classic Sharpie to plan their masterpiece. Nate's flame pumpkin won the contest. In my book, Frank's pumpkin gets an honorable mention, it was full of LinkTrust spirit.

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