Thursday, October 29, 2009

Users' Group Wrap up

As one of LinkTrust’s newest employees, I looked forward to the LinkTrust Users’ Group last week for a couple of reasons. One, I was excited to meet a few of our partners (I know how much everyone else here likes them). Two, I’m still getting used to the system and was interested to see the unique features of version 6.0. Three, we decided to broadcast the entire conference as a webinar (mainly my responsibility).

It was great to meet some LinkTrust partners in real life instead of just following them on Twitter or chatting on IM. It was fun to learn why Jose from Revenue Gateway chose to work in affiliate marketing and five minutes later discuss Canadian hockey players with Geoff Clay from RevStars Media.

A few of the partners, especially those still on 5.7, were just as interested as I was to see the features of version 6.0.

The webinar was a great option for the partners that couldn’t make it out to Salt Lake City. We will make the recorded sessions available soon. Until then, you can run through some of the exercises at

For the networking dinner we invited members of RMAMA, LinkTrust partners and other local affiliate marketers to board the LinkTrust airline. The airplane we built in the historic Joseph Smith Memorial Building was a sight to see. For more pictures, check out our Facebook album. (Become our fan too!)

Each attendee got something different from the training and activities of the Users’ Group. Allan Stone from Restoration Media says he is excited to migrate to 6.0 as soon as possible. Bert Seow of RateSpecial, says he enjoys coming to Users’ Group to get to know the LinkTrust team better. The Q&A with Bryan Call, vice president of technology, about where LinkTrust is headed gave Caryn Stoll of GetAds an opportunity to discuss the accounting reports that would make her job easier.

It was great to get so many suggestions and make some new friends. If you have any questions about the Users’ Group or suggestions for improvements on LinkTrust let us know, we’re listening!

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