Monday, October 19, 2009

Industry Resource: RingRevenue

In today's world of online and offline advertising, American consumers still make hundreds of millions of purchases over the phone. Advertisers spend more than $200 billion a year in offline marketing to reach those consumers.

Tracking and managing offline transactions was outside the realm of ad networks until now.

LinkTrust and RingRevenue have teamed up to offer another dimension of tracking. All LinkTrust partners can now get the benefits of measurable, performance-based media buys for products and services that have traditionally been harder to sell online through affiliate campaigns.

With LinkTrust Pay-Per-Call, affiliates can now get credit for any lead they generate, whether it's a call or a click. Because phone leads typically convert at a much higher rate and a higher average ticket price than online leads, merchants pay substantially more for a high-quality call than they do for a click.

The LinkTrust Pay-Per-Call service gives you true real-time data-rich reporting and analytics to track customer details and phone lead quality. You can even track the ROI of specific media placements. You set the price. You determine the target profile of your inbound callers and get unprecedented control over your campaigns. All with the click of a mouse and with no complex technology integration. The LinkTrust Pay-Per-Call service means more high-quality leads and sales for merchants, more commissions for affiliates and more transactions for networks.

LinkTrust Pay-Per-Call is easy to set up, easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your current LinkTrust platform and online campaigns. Best of all, it's from LinkTrust – a partner you already trust.

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