Thursday, December 3, 2009

LinkTrust Wire-- December Issue

The second issue of the LinkTrust Wire was emailed to our subscription list today. Want to read the Wire? Sign up for the LinkTrust Wire here!

In each issue we have four sections:
TRADE, featuring a LinkTrust partner.
INSIDER, spotlighting a LinkTrust employee.
TICKER, the latest feature releases.
JUST IN, industry events and news.

In our TRADE section we featured
RevStars Media, a long-time LinkTrust partner. Find out more about them in the Wire.

For an INSIDER look at our new account manger, Jody Sears, check out
this article.

Follow the TICKER to see a few
highlighted features that were recently released.

Find out how current LinkTrust partners can win a ski trip from LinkTrust in the JUST IN section of
the Wire. Or email for more information about how you can win!

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