Friday, July 23, 2010

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Five Ways EntroPay Makes Paying Affiliates Easier

Most U.S. affiliate marketers are primed to do business globally; however, many are unprepared to manage the costs and complexities associated with issuing checks and bank transfers to cross-border destinations. Domestic payments can be just as challenging, particularly for smaller amounts.

EntroPay is an innovative payment service that makes sending money hassle-free. Funds are loaded onto Virtual Visa cards that are issued in real-time, giving your affiliates immediate access to their cash. No more waiting on checks, wire transfers, physical cards or ACH verifications!

EntroPay Virtual Visa cards are a convenient way to send and receive payouts. Once a payment is claimed, affiliates can use their Virtual cards anywhere Visa is accepted online or by telephone. Affiliates can also transfer funds to their bank accounts or upgrade to an EntroPay Plastic MasterCard that allows them to make on-site purchases and ATM withdrawals.

As a web-based solution, EntroPay allows businesses to send frequent payments – of any size - anywhere in the world with no currency conversion issues. Its global payment capabilities can strengthen the relationship between affiliates and merchants who need both technologies and payment services that transcend regional borders and can adapt to rapid change.

Are your current methods making affiliate payouts slow, cumbersome or expensive? Here are five ways EntroPay can make the process easier for your business:

1. Avoid High Fees. With EntroPay, only one low, flat rate is assessed for payments, regardless of an affiliate’s currency, form of collection or country of residence. This allows businesses to send payouts without incurring the high administrative costs associated with checks and wire transfers, which can be as high as $40 per transaction.

2. Use Real-Time Payment Methods. No doubt, speed is a major concern for affiliates. A recent survey found that 62% percent prefer to be compensated through direct deposits and bank transfers; however, checks and wire transfers are still predominantly used for payment. Payouts made through EntroPay are instantly sent and immediately available to spend.

3. Access Trusted Global Financial Networks. EntroPay’s association with major financial networks such as Visa and MasterCard not only gives affiliates easy access to their funds, but also offers them global reach and greater purchasing power at millions of retail locations and ATMs worldwide.

4. Improve Payment Processing. EntroPay helps businesses overcome the inefficiencies traditionally associated with payment processing, reconciliation and tracking by allowing payments to be processed instantly via an email address. No need for bank details, mailing addresses or currency information. Just specify whom to pay and the amount, and leave the rest to EntroPay.

5. Strengthen Security. There are a myriad of threats in the online world, with fraud often at the top of the list. When initiating transactions online, both businesses and affiliates must operate in a secure environment, particularly when payments are made across borders. EntroPay’s robust fraud monitoring systems brings unparalleled security to payment processing through state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 support.

Take the hassle out of sending money to your affiliates. Use EntroPay for your next payout.

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