Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now that was a good question...

Hey @affbuzz and @trevornk!

We noticed your tweets last night and wanted to let you know, we hear you.

Instead of trying to answer everything on Twitter in a 140-character limit, we're answering you here and hope that it will help all affiliates and networks that use LinkTrust as well.

Your tweet said: "LinkTrust = No access to stats for 10 minutes every hour, a numerical username you can never remember and too many clicks to access stats."

1. Why is there no access to stats for about 6 minutes each hour?

At the top of each hour we roll up the prior hour’s statistics. One of the battles of real time tracking, and fast reporting is that the two contradict each other. The best balance current technology allows is the previous hour’s roll up. We are working to cut this window down from around 6 minutes to 2 minutes.

2. Why have a numerical username?

The numerical usernames are auto-generated by the system based on affiliate id. Every affiliate network using LinkTrust 6 can allow the affiliate to change or not to change their username and password. If this is a feature you haven’t been given, check with your affiliate manager to see if you can get it changed.

3. Why so many clicks to check your statistics?

In LinkTrust 5.7 and 6, the affiliate network has control of the placement of statistic graphs and reports. We suggest affiliate networks have a menu tab solely for reports, which when clicked, automatically loads the report and shows clicks, giving you one-click reporting. In LinkTrust 6, the network has the ability to show a graph of the clicks on the home screen when the affiliate logs in. You can ask your affiliate manager to have the network place that graph in a more visible location.

Hope that helped @affbuzz and @trevornk, we appreciate the feedback!

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