Friday, March 19, 2010

AdNetShield: Your business' lifeboat

You work hard to make your affiliates happy, your campaigns successful and provide quality traffic to your advertisers. Even when each day isn't smooth sailing, the winds are generally at your back and you can always enjoy the setting sun on the horizon at the end of the day.

As the sea of affiliate marketing continues to grow, there are uncharted waters that arise daily. Each network, affiliate and advertiser is surrounded by tremendous opportunities for growth.

As a service provider in this industry, LinkTrust has a unique vantage point that allows us to see the negative outcomes for some of our customers when affected by these risks.

About a year ago, LinkTrust began to proactively shore up our physical assets as well as our software platform to protect LinkTrust and LinkTrust partners against service interruptions – both malicious and inadvertent.

In the process, we discovered a need for protection in areas where it is impossible to anticipate every scenario. We began the search for an insurance coverage that could fill the gap.

In our search, we didn’t find any company that could provide the type of coverage we were looking for. But we did find a company willing to develop a unique plan. The result is the cooperation of Citadel Insurance Services with Lloyds of London to provide a ground breaking insurance product uniquely designed for the online and affiliate marketing industry.

Citadel was instrumental in negotiating this product with Lloyds of London so that the resulting insurance product provides broad protections against common industry risks, but remains affordable.

The role of LinkTrust in this process was to educate both Citadel and Lloyds of London on the unique needs of our industry. Through this cooperation, we were able to secure exclusive pricing for LinkTrust partners.

Ryan Osborne of Citadel, wrote an article in this month's issue of FeedFront Magazine about building a fortress around your business. He highlighted several case studies where an insurance policy helped a company overcome incredible obstacles. Read more here.

Find out more about AdNetShield for LinkTrust partners by contacting Having the security of AdNetShield for your company will help you ride out each potential storm with confidence.

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