Friday, February 19, 2010

Ace of Cakes look-a-like in Vegas?

I know, I'm just now getting this up, but I thought I'd give you all something fun to check out on this Friday afternoon.

Back at Affiliate Summit West 2010 in Las Vegas, we had to have some help in moving our grass for the mega-booth. So, we let the guys from Champion do their magic and get it in and out of our trailer.

Carol-Lyn got really excited when the forklift driver came to take away the grass because she thought he looked like Duff, from Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. We took a picture of him and I found a picture of Duff from another web site.

What do you think? Are they true dopplegangers?

Here's Carol-Lyn with the Duff look-a-like and the infamous grass.
Let us know what you think in the comments! Are we on the money?

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